Justin Trudeau has ties to Western Canada: Ralph Goodale

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Justin Trudeau’s maternal grandfather longtime BC MP

Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau will lead a majority government in Canadian parliament.

REGINA¬†–¬†Liberal Ralph Goodale says there’s a fundamental difference between Justin Trudeau and his father, the late Pierre Trudeau, and it’s their approach to Western Canada.

Goodale, who was re-elected in Regina in Monday’s federal vote, also served in the elder Trudeau’s government.

Goodale says Justin Trudeau has roots in Western Canada that are important.

The veteran politician notes that the younger Trudeau’s grandfather was a longtime MP in the British Columbia riding, where Trudeau held his final campaign rally on Sunday.

Pierre Trudeau alienated Western Canada and turned Alberta, in particular, into an electoral wasteland for the Liberals when he implemented the national energy program.

Aside from a handful of ridings in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina, the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan went almost completely Conservative blue on Monday night.

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  1. Cyberbulling says:

    .Be still my beating heart, I’m in the prcnseee of a visionary.Justin’s candidacy points to the scenario that has Harper winning another majority in the face of the Libs’ and Dippers’ internicine battles that make the struggle between the Stalinists and Trotskyites look like Grade 2 jealousy for the teacher’s attention.You all define yourselves (ad nauseaum) as progressives. Fine, but you might want to consider that there is no passion more destructive than a sense of betrayal and no fight more murderous than a family feud.

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