Conservatives and Liberals are both right about the nannies, but so wrong

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I had $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $20 for dinner. It was double and a half when I had a guest(s) related to work(sales prospect), and I could go over, but I’d have to write down a detailed explanation for HR. Are you listening politicians?

Conservatives and Liberals

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Calgary, AB- I know, you’re sick of the nanny debate, and so am I. Which is why I’ve come to put it to rest by putting the spotlight on the real issue, with the nanny debate being a perfect example.

This can be the defining moment when Canadians from the left and right come together and say enough is enough for politicians. It’s out of control.

Facebook has been awash with the Liberals defending Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hiring two nannies for $11-20 dollars an hour, with lower being during the night and higher in day, and reflect the average nanny rate according to the  nanny associations as reported by CBC. It’s a shitty wage for taking care of kids, but I digress.

The only Liberal defense I’ve heard is that Harper had his makeup artist flown around the world on taxpayer dollar like he was Prince and being beautiful was his job. Or that PM Harper even though offered full transportation protection and escort at no cost by the Indian government for his offical trip there, flew two amoured vehicles from Canada on taxpayer money.

Then there’s the huge senate scandal and cover up, the Minister’s in the Conservative government’s ridiculous expensive and unnecessary flights, there are quite a few, but let’s move on. Let’s go to the Conservatives.

The Conservatives and Liberals have a very well thought out and valid argument. Obviously there is back splash from their previous record, but it begins anew and the slate is kinda clean. It’s a fresh start.

There argument is, why the hell did Justin Trudeau who is rich, tell Canadians, elect me, I’m going to tax the rich more, and more importantly, don’t let those rich folk take advantage of Harper’s income splitting on children, “Liberal leader(Justin Trudeau) maintains it’s wrong to give the benefit to wealthy families that don’t need help raising their kids.”

And here’s why they are both wrong. We’ve been focusing on haircuts, nannies, limo’s, and make up artists. Does anyone still remember the senate scandal? It wasn’t isolated. It wasn’t a fluke. It was on going and we the citizens in a democracy allowed that kind of environment to fester.

Conservatives and Liberals

Le Germain Calgary, 5 star hotel

We gave tax breaks to Senators for properties like it was somehow necessary for the job, first class flights, bring your friends! Five star hotels and $16 dollar orange juice, limousines for Bev Oda International Development Minister. Taxpayer funded airplanes for Redford using them like it was her personal SUV. This was all legal, which is what people forget. The Senate scandal was a fine line they crossed. It wasn’t atrocious or massive, the cover up was made it so sensational. No more, no less.

I contracted for a few companies in oil and gas, before the crash, and I had very strict expense guidelines which our politicians today would laugh at.

It was simple, easy, and could easily be done for our politicians. I had $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $15 for dinner. It was double and a half when I had a guest related to work(sales prospect), and I could go over, but I’d have to write down a detailed explanation for HR. Are you listening politicians?

They also told me, setup a hotel, no five stars, but we wouldn’t expect you to be in a cheap motel. So for $150, you can get nice hotels even in Alberta, even in the boom, where it was tough to find accommodation, sometimes I slept in shitty motels. They all come with complimentary breakfast though!

And if just one politician sacrifices his comfort and status for a night in Canada, we’ll, I think we’ll have a first, and maybe a Bernie Sanders.

Whether you’re left or right, blue or red, socialist or capitalist, I think the bigger picture of politicians and the ridiculous things they expense to the taxpayer is the real headline. Hello! It’s time for sweeping changes to our political landscape.

The best way to get the best results from our politicians isn’t bickering about nannies, it’s coming together and demanding change to not just nannies, but to the pedestal, ivory tower where we put our politicians and the environment we created over the last few decades. We did this. We need to demand change. They are public servants. They serve us. It started with nannies, it should end with nannies, for them.

They deserve a fair wage, and to recoup or have paid expenses directly related to their work for US. But they need to be thinking of the taxpayer as well, which they don’t!

All expenses should be controlled strictly, and directly tied to doing their work for US. At the end of the day, it’s US that pay for it.

I’m sick of paying for nannies, chefs, housing properties, holiday flights and flights just cause, makeup artists, 16$ orange juice, Redford sky palaces, unnecessary limo’s and god knows what else. We need an independent body to set and enforce standards that are realistic for our politicians, no more blank cheques. No more free rides. We need you to work for us, not the perks. Expenses are necessary costs of doing a job, they shouldn’t be perks.

Jude Hislop



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