Quebec businesses told to do better job of promoting Energy East Pipeline

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Energy East facing strong opposition in Quebec

Energy East

In January of this year, Montreal area mayors criticized the Energy East pipeline, saying the environmental risks far outweigh the economic gains.  Global News photo.

TORONTO _ Quebec businesses have not done a good enough job promoting the economic benefits the Energy East project would bring to the province, the president of Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters said Tuesday.

It’s up to Quebec’s business lobby to step up and make the pipeline happen in a province where it faces strong opposition, Eric Tetrault told a panel discussion in Toronto.

“Business gets it now and it’s going to step forward and make our government support those projects,” Tetrault said at an investment symposium hosted by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

The Energy East Pipeline, which would bring 1.1 million barrels of oil daily from Alberta through Quebec and into New Brunswick, has been criticized by many mayors and residents in Quebec.

TransCanada (TSX:TRP) is facing an injunction request related to the project launched by the Quebec government, along with an environmental law group’s request folded into the court action.

Tetrault said he doesn’t believe the opposition comes from environmental concerns, but rather the perception that people will be unsafe.

Quebec is not a province with a thriving oil culture, he said, so misinformation abounds.

It is important to quell safety concerns about oil pipelines and promote them as a boon for Quebec’s economy, rather than Canada’s, to help shift public opinion, he said.

“The population has to get it,” he said.

The Canadian Press.

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  1. James Wolfe says:

    This is not complicated, ignore Quebec, build the pipeline along the St Lawrence around Quebec, screw Quebec.

    Most people have no idea what Quebec, the ‘french – metis’ have done to this country…The capital of slime, sleaze, corruption, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, intolerance…(bills 22, 178, 101…) and you are surprised? Invest elsewhere…the province is broke and taking the whole country down with them. They are a disgrace to the entire country…forcing the French language all over the country while they ban ours (bills 178, 22, 101…) sickening, a welfare state by design, propped up by the whole country yearly…Equalization – 50 years of legal theft (Trudeau Sr), billions in subsidies, grants…funneled into the province of Quebec yearly from Ottawa…look at the 2 clips for more proof…

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